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[Image above] Sales reps in the Zircar booth show product samples to prospective buyers. Credit: ACerS

Ceramics Expo 2018 wrapped up its final day yesterday a little more subdued, but no less important, than the expo’s first two days. Cleveland’s I-X Center again proved to be the perfect location for manufacturers, salespeople, researchers, and students to learn, network, and generate business leads.

The Conference at Ceramics Expo kicked off the day with Industry Benchpress—a panel discussion moderated by ACerS president Mike Alexander, who led a discussion on topical industry issues, such as important developments in advanced ceramics, manufacturing, and processing; applications for advanced ceramics with the highest potential for growth; and current challenges in the industry.

Panelists Patrick Willson from GE Research and Kamal Soni from Corning offered their perspectives on multiple choice questions posed to the audience through Sli.do, an interactive app that records poll responses. For example, audience members weighed in to answer the question “What percentage of scrap produced by your company is recycled?” in real time—53% of respondents in the audience said “<25%.” The interactive discussion engaged the audience while panelists shared their expertise on various subjects.

The conference wrapped up with sessions including a research round-up about commercializing ceramic research, innovative technology for ceramic processing, and new material offerings in Track 1; and 3-D printing for solid-oxide fuel cells and a discussion about the future of additive manufacturing in Track 2.

On the exhibit floor, it appeared that many exhibitors were still talking to prospective buyers and generating last-minute sales leads—even on the last day, when attendance is typically lighter.

Many attendees took the opportunity to add to their knowledge by participating in ACerS short courses. The day before the conference, attendees listened to several instructors present their knowledge in the short course, Additive Manufacturing of High-performance Ceramics.

Stephen Freiman shared best practices of fracture mechanics and strength tests in the Thursday course, Understanding Why Ceramics Fail and Designing for Safety. And instructor Bill Carty shared the five factors controlling suspension rheology in his course, Dispersion and Rheology Control for Improved Ceramic Processing.

Save the date—April 30–May 1, 2019

Next year, organizers plan to condense Ceramics Expo into two days, which would offer attendees and exhibitors less down time from their jobs and two strong days of conference sessions and networking on the expo floor.

Check out more photos from Ceramics Expo 2018 on the official Ceramics Expo site here. Visit our Flickr page to see additional photos.

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See you next year at Ceramics Expo 2019!

ACerS president Mike Alexander moderates a panel discussion at the Industry Benchpress. Credit: ACerS

Bill Carty explains the 5 factors that control suspension rheology in one of ACerS’ short courses. Credit: ACerS

Exhibitors were still talking to prospective buyers on day 3. Credit: ACerS

Many job seekers stopped to check out career opportunities at the job board at Ceramics Expo 2018. Credit: ACerS

Bakony Technical Ceramics. Credit: ACerS

ACerS Corporate Partner Specialty Glass. Credit: ACerS

ACerS booth neighbors, XJet. Credit: ACerS

It’s always nice to be across the aisle from our friends at Alfred University! Credit: ACerS

See you next year at Ceramics Expo 2019! Credit: ACerS

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