Live from Ceramics Expo 2017—More photos from Cleveland, Ohio | The American Ceramic Society

Live from Ceramics Expo 2017—More photos from Cleveland, Ohio

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[Image above] Some exhibitor displays at Ceramics Expo 2017 are so eye-catching that they blend art with science. Credit: ACerS

Ceramics Expo 2017 continues its final day at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio, today. The 3rd installment of this annual expo for all things ceramic and glass has definitely delivered on its promise to be bigger and better than ever before.

Missed the action so far? Catch our recaps from Tuesday and Wednesday, and stay tuned for a more in-depth report on Ceramic Tech Today on Friday.

On Wednesday, the expo got off to a great start with a visit from Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson, who toured the expo and posed for several photos.

In addition to the local celebrity citing, the Ceramics Expo show floor has been bustling with exhibitors engaging with prospective clients, answering questions, and discussing the benefits of their products and services. Plus, networking has been all around, occurring from the top to the bottom of the entire supply chain. 

Check out some of the latest photos of the action below (and more on our Flickr page), and watch out for more details tomorrow!

(Left to right) ACerS director of communications and marketing Eileen De Guire talks with Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson, Smarter Shows president James Reardon, and event director Adam Moore about the success of Ceramics Expo 2017. Credit: ACerS

Mayor Frank Jackson even posed for a photo in the ACerS booth. (From left) Smarter Shows president James Reardon, Jackson, ACerS executive director Charlie Spahr, event director Adam Moore, and ACerS director of communications and marketing Eileen De Guire. Credit: ACerS

The Ceramics Expo show floor is filled with interesting products, demos, and samples. This booth presented an eye-catching collection of precision metal stampings and parts. Credit: ACerS

This collection of rocks and samples looks like it would also be at home in a curio cabinet. Credit: ACerS

Colorful bouncing balls demonstrated the power of the Elcan Hi-sifter. Credit: ACerS

In addition to the show floor, the technical conference offered attendees the opportunity to listen to expert speakers and panelists in various sessions on topics ranging from additive manufacturing and ceramic materials in packaging to robotics and ceramic injection molding. Credit: ACerS

Tethon 3D showed off its 3-D-printed precision ceramics. Can you spot the porcelain throne? Credit: ACerS

Candy or flowers? It appears that Tootsie Pops win out in this exhibitor’s display. Credit: ACerS

An artistic display of raw materials. Credit: ACerS

ACerS Western New York Section held its meeting at Ceramics Expo 2017, with nearly 30 in attendance. Credit: ACerS

Belinda Raines, ACerS outreach manager, poses with Matt Creedon, chair of the Western New York Section. Credit: ACerS