Deltech team-cropped

[Image above] Stevenson (third from right) and her team at Deltech Furnaces. Credit: Mary Stevenson

If you have ever attended Ceramics Expo or MS&T, you may have met Mary Stevenson, the friendly face at the Deltech Furnaces booth. Stevenson is president of Deltech Furnaces, a company that makes standard and custom electric furnaces for the materials science industry.

And its motto, “We build the furnace to fit your need,” suggests the company does not take a cookie-cutter approach to any furnace it builds for clients.

Stevenson’s late husband Calvin started the company with a partner in 1968. They both had a background in mining engineering and experience in metallurgical research. “We were approached by another company to build a furnace,” Stevenson recalls of the company’s first client. That company turned out to be Coors Porcelain Company, now known as CoorsTek.

Over the years, Deltech Furnaces has earned a reputation for designing and building custom electric furnaces based on client needs. Its global customer base consists of corporate and government research labs, universities, and manufacturing plants.

Stevenson began working with her husband in the business when she was in graduate school. “I learned furnaces on my feet!” she recalls.

Deltech has been an ACerS Corporate Member for more than 10 years and transitioned to Corporate Partner when that program became available a couple years ago. “[Joining] was a good opportunity,” Stevenson explains. “It seemed to be a good way to support the Society, of which many of our customers are members.”

Stevenson also enjoys the benefits of membership. “We like the discounted rates on the expos, and the exposure is even better now because of the Corporate Partnership program,” she adds. “It’s perfect for building awareness and letting customers know that you support the Society.”

You can always see Stevenson representing her company at Ceramics Expo and MS&T. With her is her son J.J. Stevenson, engineering manager and part owner of the company. Credit: ACerS

Stevenson is a member of the Manufacturing Division and attends Ceramics Expo and MS&T every year. She has enjoyed connecting with others in her industry. “You develop relationships networking with other people,” she says. “You can see what you have in common with other businesses and share headaches and challenges.” She also enjoys the numerous sales opportunities by talking to visitors at her booth.

The biggest benefit she sees is being able to see all her customers in one place. “As a small company, it’s a way to visit with our customers and thank them for their business.” She also likes the opportunity to take short courses. “I thought it was a nice addition,” she adds.

Stevenson also believes in giving back, as she is a board member of the Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation.

What advice would she give to others who are considering becoming an ACerS Corporate Partner? “Take advantage of the tangible benefits the partnership offers—like saving money on exhibiting,” she says. “And join a Division! They bring new energy into the Society.

“Don’t just pay your dues and do nothing,” Stevenson advises. “Take advantage of your membership!”

Interested in becoming an ACerS Corporate Partner? Visit this link to learn about how a Corporate Partnership can help put your company in front of a global audience.