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ACerS Manufacturing Division


Mission Statement

Our Mission: The Manufacturing Division of the American Ceramic Society is dedicated to addressing the needs of the ceramics manufacturing industry and to support the production of all ceramic components and products. Click here for the complete Manufacturing Division Mission Statement.

Upcoming Meetings/Webinars


May 1-3, 2018

4th Ceramics Expo
I-X Center  |  Cleveland, Ohio USA

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: The Division completed a comprehensive strategic planning process that included the formation of three committees: programming; communications; and organizational growth. Review the final Strategic Plan here.  To read more about the Manufacturing Division’s development, click on the following link: Manufacturing Division Information




ACerS Manufacturing Division

Credit: Du-Co Ceramics Company




Publication Highlights

As a service to the members of the Manufacturing Division and those interested in joining The American Ceramic Society, ACerS and Wiley are providing free access to articles published in the International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology that are relevant to the manufacturing industry.


In honor of Earth Day 2018, the theme for this quarter’s articles selected from the ACerS journals is “Working towards greener manufacturing.”  Smarter synthesis methods, reducing production temperatures, and minimizing waste are not only good for our planet, they are good for the bottom line.  We invite you to enjoy these articles, which are free to read until June 30, 2018 and suggest you take a look at the articles selected for all the divisions.


After June 30, ACerS members can access the articles by logging in to www.ceramics.org.


Effect of the drying process on the compressive strength and cell proliferation of hydroxyapatite-derived scaffolds
            Francisco Martínez-Vázquez, Antonia Pajares, Pedro Miranda




Considering the possibility of bonding utilizing cold sintering for ceramic adhesives
            Wei‐Ting Chen, Ahmet Erkan Gurdal, Safakcan Tuncdemir, Jing Guo, Hanzheng Guo, Clive A. Randall



Sintering dense boron carbide without grain growth under high pressure
          Lixin Liu, Xuhai Li, Qiang He, Liang Xu, Xiuxia Cao, Xusheng Peng, Chuanmin Meng, Wenqiang Wang, Wenjun Zhu, Yuan Wang



Nickel and Lanthanum Hydroxide Nanocomposites with Much Improved Electrochemical Performance for Supercapacitors
          Kuan‐Hung Ho, Huajun Liu, Qing Qing, Ke Lu, Mao Yating, Hu Xu Li, John Wang




 Meeting Spotlight

The ACerS Manufacturing Division Will Host Luncheon and Meeting at Ceramics Expo 2018

In conjunction with the 4th Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio, May 1-3, 2018 the ACerS Manufacturing Division will host a division lunch and meeting to update its membership on their activities throughout the past year. To attend this event, please complete the form found here


A key part of our Manufacturing Division’s mission is to develop short courses and workshops to facilitate the education of industrial personnel in the field of ceramics. Five practical workshops are scheduled:

Statistical Process Control in Ceramic Processing
Carl E. Frahme, Frahme Consulting Services, principal; University of Kansas, Materials science adjunct professor

Smart Marketing for Engineers
Rebecca Geier, CEO and Co-founder of TREW Marketing

Additive Manufacturing of High-Performance Ceramics
Shawn M. Allan, Vice President, Lithoz America LLC

Understanding Why Ceramics Fail and Designing for Safety 
Steve Freiman, Freiman Consulting Inc.

Dispersion and Rheology Control for Improved Ceramic Processing
William M. Carty, Alfred University

More information may be found on the ACerS Short Courses and Workshops website


Since its inception in 2015, Ceramics Expo’s attendance increased from 2,117 attendees to 2,800 attendees in 2017. Exhibitor participation also rose from 171 in 2015 to 326 in 2017. The expo brings together the ceramics industry, is a key marketplace and features manufacturing technologies.

We hope to see you there!



Click here to view all upcoming ACerS meetings



Division Leadership

Chair:  Ed Reeves | Reeves Consulting

Chair-Elect: Keith DeCarlo | Blasch Precision Ceramics, Inc.

Vice Chair: Matthew Creedon | Washington Mills

Secretary: Steven Jung | Mo-Sci Corporation

ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison: Lynnette Madsen | National Science Foundation

President’s Council of Student Advisors Delegate: Sarah Whipkey | Alfred University

Division Rules and Reports

Manufacturing Rules   
Manufacturing Annual Report 2014-2015   
Manufacturing Annual Report 2015-2016  

Manufacturing Div Annual Report 2016-2017

Job Opportunities

ACerS Career Center

Other Resources

Resources for manufacturers

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