Call for Contributing Editors

Earn recognition and compensation as a Contributing Editor. Critically evaluate published articles containing phase diagrams or edit new phase diagrams and write short commentaries. Ability to read and speak German, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, or other language is a plus.


General understanding of the Gibbs phase rule and experimental procedures for determination of phase equilibria diagrams, and/or knowledge of theoretical methods to calculate phase diagrams.

Recognition and Compensation

The Contributing Editor’s initials will accompany each commentary written for the publication. In addition, your name and affiliation also will be included on the Title Pages under Contributing Editors.

Contributing editors will receive

$10 per diagram accepted

$150 for the first original commentary (single or multiple chemical systems)

$50 for each additional commentary (multiple chemical systems)

$25 for each short commentary on work published by another researcher

For more information

Kimberly Hill, NIST
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Building 223, Room A107
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8520, USA
+1 (301) 975-6009