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Refractory ceramics are essential to many industries, from steel to glass. In this Progress in Ceramics Series, we have compiled 123 articles on the topic of refractory ceramics.

The articles were selected from seven different ACerS publications: American Ceramic Society Bulletin (11 articles); The Journal of the American Ceramic Society (28 articles); International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (45 articles); International Journal of Applied Glass Science (3 articles); International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science (1 article); Ceramic Transactions (10 articles); and Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings (25 articles).

The overview article: Refractories—The world’s most important but least known products by Charles E. Semler provides a comprehensive look at the importance of refractories and the refractories industry in today’s world, and with over 100 additional articles, we are certain you will find valuable nuggets of information in this collection. Take a look at the full collection here.


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