U.S. Sections

ACerS Sections serve ACerS members in their local communities within the United States.

Discover ACerS Sections

Section membership provides you with more than just a way to develop a network of colleagues in your geographic area—it allows you to become part of a tight-knit group of ceramic and glass industry professionals with whom you can meet regularly to discuss the latest industry trends, share experiences, inspire students and future leaders, and volunteer on initiatives that spark your interest.

ACerS Sections are a benefit to both individual members of ACerS and to the Society itself because Sections are formed to help advance the goals of the Society, particularly its objective of encouraging the study of glass, ceramic, and materials science. Section affiliation brings the benefits of membership home with targeted education, technology updates, networking opportunities, social activities, and timely communications.

Volunteer in your area

If you are interested in volunteering on a local level, get involved with your local Section. Volunteer opportunities can include Section leadership, assisting with a specific event or mentoring a local student. Section affiliation is included at no charge with your ACerS membership.

Find your local Section below and contact the Section leadership to get involved. Don’t see a Section in your area? Contact Vicki Evans to find out how to establish a Section.

How to establish a new Section

A minimum of 12 ACerS members in good standing who reside in the geographic area is required to establish a new ACerS U.S. Section. Seven of the 12 petitioning members must be Individual/Senior/Emeritus/DLM or Individual Corporate members of the Society. Material Advantage student members (i.e., ACerS joint student program with ASM International, Association of Iron and Steel Technology, and The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society) may join a Section, but cannot be among the 12 charter members.

Joining an ACerS Section is free and based upon residing in the defined region. Membership in ACerS is a prerequisite for membership in an ACerS Section.

Learn more about U.S. Sections

For more information regarding ACerS Sections, contact Vicki Evans, member services representative.