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From groundbreaking fundamental research to models of atoms, energies, mechanisms, processes and systems, articles published in ACerS journals have a lasting impact on our field, and on our Society.

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Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS) publishes fundamental science reports on discovery, characterization, and analysis of new materials and processes

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (ACT) is devoted to the development and commercialization of engineered ceramic products and processes

International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS) is an indispensable source of glass science and engineering research aimed at meeting the challenges of using glass and related materials.

International Journal of Ceramic Engineering & Science (IJCES) is an open-access interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of research, development, processing, manufacturing, and use of ceramic and related materials, assemblies, and systems

Here is a quick reference to help you determine which ACerS journal is right for your manuscript. When your manuscript falls outside the scope of a journal, our editors help you get published quickly by referring your manuscript to the ACerS journal that fits it best.

Our journals editors assemble articles surrounding issues and meetings into Topical Collections and Conference Collections.  In 2024, the Journals team is collaborating with the Bulletin team to bring you a series of collections on Sustainability Issues in Ceramics and Glass. Click on these links to view.

The flagship journal of fundamental ceramic and glass science

Commercialization of engineered ceramics for all applications

Meeting the challenges for deploying glass in end-user applications

Gold Open Access journal for sound engineering and science research at all stages

 IJCES going strong

Indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science, the ACerS journal for ceramics and glass research at all levels, is publishing its fourth volume. Designed to be inclusive and supportive of authors and readers around the globe, IJCES is a ideal for reporting research on traditional ceramics (whiteware, refractories, clay, etc.) through advanced ceramics, glass and composite materials, processes and systems for any application or industry.  Researchers from industry, academia, national labs, and more are welcome to submit manuscripts that report forward-looking perspectives, conference presentations, nascent ideas for research/grants, incremental changes, process improvements, pedagogy advances, and more up to and including rigorous research findings on complex systems.

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