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Format and DiscountsSingle-userMulti-user
(up to 10 simultaneous)
(unlimited, IP authentication)
PHASE Online (ACerS Members)$1,275$1,995$1,995
PHASE Online$1,375$2,095$2,095
PHASE USB 5.1$1,295$2,495N/A
PHASE USB 5.1 (Upgrade from V5.0)
*NEW* pricing for updates on current version software
PHASE USB 5.1 (Upgrade from V4.5)$565$1,025N/A
PHASE USB 5.1 (Upgrade from V4.4)$845$1,545N/A
PHASE USB 5.1 (Upgrade from V4.3 or older)
*NEW* pricing for current owners of very old version


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Trusted, comprehensive
Use a Windows® PC
Use a MAC or other OS
Physical drive
Web-based with username/password
Web-based with IP authentication
(library version)
No internet access available
One-time purchase
Yearly subscription
Free updates
Paid updates

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