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Supporting the development of a circular economy in the composites industry

In this issue, we look at ceramics for renewable energy generation. The cover story describes Carbon Rivers’ new process to reclaim glass fibers from end-of-life wind turbine blades. A second feature story overviews several sustainability projects at Alfred University’s new Summer Research Institute.

Accompanying columns discuss the global wind turbine market, development of sustainable solvents in perovskite solar cell production, and how to accelerate time-to-market for new products by fostering a culture of collaboration.

Rajendra Bordia began his term as ACerS president at the Annual Meeting at MS&T23. In an interview, Bordia discusses what led him to work in ceramics and his plans for the Society in 2024.

Finally, this issue includes a unique feature article that explores the use of ceramic-based arts in the treatment of people with mood disorders.

Feature Articles

Manufacturing the impossible: Supporting
the development of a circular economy in the composites industry

David Morgan
Glass fiber-reinforced composites are found in every industry, from marine and wind to automotive and construction. Carbon Rivers’ recent glass-to-glass commercial technology for recovering glass fiber from end-of-life
composites poses both advantages and challenges to the
composites industry.

Engineering a sustainable future: Summer Research Institute offers unique learning opportunities for
Alfred University undergraduates

Mark Whitehouse
In summer 2023, about 30 undergraduate engineering
students at Alfred University in New York had the opportunity to participate in research settings normally reserved for graduate students thanks to the university’s new Summer Research Institute program.

Influence of ceramics on mood: Nok relief
modeling exercise benefits Nigerian inpatients

Esther Dokyoung
Ceramic-based arts are an effective tool for stimulating emotional development and self-reflection in people with
mental disorders. A case study in Nigeria demonstrated its
benefits through a relief modeling exercise held at three
mental health facilities.


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2023 Conference on Glass
Problems highlights


Upcoming dates: PACC-FMAs 2024, GOMD 2024, 10th International Congress on Ceramics, and PACRIM16



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Ceramics in Energy


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Business and Market View

BCC Publishing Staff
Wind turbines: Technologies, applications, and global markets

Industry Perspectives

Andy Thomas
Accelerating time-to-market for new products by fostering a culture of collaboration

Meet ACerS president Rajendra Bordia

Eileen DeGuire

Deciphering the Discipline

Niusha Heshmati
Sustainable solvent engineering for perovskite solar cells—one step closer to commercialization




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