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Ceramic crucibles: Market drivers and novel developments in molten metal processing

In this issue, we look at ceramics used in the processing and manufacturing of other materials. The cover article discusses Blasch Precision Ceramics’ work on developing novel ceramic crucibles. A second feature article describes using Lithoz’s 3D-printed ceramic cores for investment casting. The final feature article announces MATECH’s development of a new class of ultrahigh-density carbon–carbon composites for aerospace applications.

In addition to the feature stories, the “Deciphering the Discipline” column reviews how MAX phases are opening new doorways with machinable ceramics, and the “Business and Market View” column overviews the global abrasive market.

Two more columns provide further discussion on the issue’s theme. The “Industry Perspectives” column gives an inside look at the Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers, and the new “Journal Highlights” column gives a sneak peek inside ACerS’ latest Topical Collection on ceramics to improve manufacturing.

The April issue includes the first issue of Volume 5 of Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, ACerS’ B2B magazine. This issue looks at the emerging nanomaterials market and considers upscaling, ethical, and safety challenges to realizing the market’s potential.

Finally, preview the upcoming Ceramics Expo, which this year will take place in Novi, Mich., April 30–May 1.

Feature Articles

Ceramic crucibles: Market drivers and novel developments in molten metal processing

Rehan Afzal and Keith J. DeCarlo
A new generation of novel ceramic crucibles meet the performance needs of extreme processing environments while remaining reasonably priced.

3D-printed ceramics in investment casting: Rewriting the rules for efficient casting core production

Alice Elt and Peter Schneider
Harnessing Lithoz’s ultraprecise lithography-based ceramic manufacturing 3D printing technology to fabricate ceramic casting cores allows for the creation of precise and complex metal components for aerospace applications.

Advancing a new era for aerospace: Ultrahigh-density carbon–carbon composites through safe and affordable FAST processing

Edward J. A. Pope
Field assisted sintering technology developed by materials research and development company MATECH produces a new class of ultrahigh-density carbon–carbon composites for next-generation aerospace applications.

Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing—Volume 5, Issue 1

When smaller is better: The promise of nanomaterials
The latest issue of C&GM looks at the emerging nanomaterials industry.


Ceramics Expo 2024 preview


ICACC 2024 highlights


EMA 2024 highlights


Upcoming dates: GOMD 2024, 10th International Congress on Ceramics, MS&T24, and PACRIM16



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Ceramics in Manufacturing


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Industry Perspectives

Doug Thurman
AACCM: Expanding the market for manufactured
ceramic components

Business and Market View

BCC Publishing Staff
Global abrasive market: Materials, products, and applications

Journal Highlights

Jonathon Foreman
Ceramics to improve manufacturing

Deciphering the Discipline

Miloš Dujović
MAX phases: Opening new doorways with
machinable ceramics




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