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ACerS can help earn professional recognition, gain access to the latest technical information, and build professional networks necessary for success. 

ACerS helps advance faculty careers

For the members of your team working in ceramics and glass, ACerS can help them earn professional recognition, gain access to the latest technical information, and build the professional networks necessary for success. 

Learn more below about how ACerS can help advance the careers of the materials engineers on your team and the students in your classroom. Please feel free to share this information with them!

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ACerS membership options for faculty

Associate membership for recently graduated and/or first-time ACerS members.

Individual membership for professionals and those returning ACerS members.

ACerS offers Lifetime membership for those that have made a home within ACerS and want to save long-term.


Present Your Research

ACerS hosts a variety of meetings where you can present your research, as well as award-winning scientific journals where you can submit research and/or peer review articles.


Professional Development

Learn a new skill or add to your existing knowledge in ACerS Learning Center. Choose from a variety of courses and learning methods. There's always something new to learn!


The American Ceramic Society is an ABET member society.

Learn more about what it means to be an ABET member society.
Also, read the September 2021 ACerS Bulletin article on ACerS' involvement with ABET.

Student opportunities

Looking for resources for your students? ACerS helps students build their networks, CVs, gain experience presenting research, and also offers webinars and programs for both graduate and undergraduate students. Visit the ACerS Resources for Students page to find opportunities at your fingertips.

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