ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagram Products

With more than 33,000 critically evaluated diagrams for understanding temperature-dependent material interactions in ceramic and inorganic systems, PHASE 5.2 provides the most complete phase data with updated analysis capabilities.


Same great data and search functions. Easier to use with new browser-based analysis software, which couples the best of the PED Viewer with a modern, up-to-date graphics engine. Online subscribers of Version 5.2 can use Chromebooks and USB clients will experience the simplified installation process.

Benefits of the ACerS-NIST PHASE Products

  • Trusted. Fully documented diagrams with explanatory notes critically evaluated by ceramic experts
  • Comprehensive. More than 33,000 high-resolution diagrams from 1898 to today with the cumulative index
  • Convenient. Easy to search using elements, compounds, and bibliographic and application information and easy to print figures that combine diagrams and commentary for each system in one PDF file
  • Unique. Powerful software directly provides composition by mole and mass, and temperature information and allows axis manipulation without compromising the data
  • Up-to-date. Version 5.2 adds several hundred new diagrams and new expert commentaries focusing on sustainability and clean energy generation
  • Portable. USB format works without internet connections while online subscription works from any computer anywhere
  • Cost-effective. The time you save with the Phase USB or Phase Online product more than justifies its cost, which is significantly less than other phase diagram products on the market

What's new in PHASE Version 5.2?

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PHASE Demonstration

The PHASE database and PED viewer software are extremely easy to use. If you want to see how it’s used or take your own test drive, click below to go to our Phase Demonstration page.

The demonstration download has the fully operational software with the complete index of the figures in Version 5.2. However, the demonstration has only small subset of the figures available to download and analyze.

Background information

The American Ceramic Society published its first issue of “Phase Diagrams for Ceramists” in the October 1933 issue of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. It featured 178 diagrams with supporting explanatory material. Ceramic researchers then recognized the diagrams’ great value in saving time and money in research. Fast forward nine decades, and researchers still count on ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams to provide the most trusted, comprehensive collection of critically evaluated phase diagrams for ceramic and inorganic systems for understanding temperature-dependent materials interactions.

Call for Contributing Editors

Earn recognition and compensation for providing and evaluating new phase equilibria diagrams.