disc golf 1

For secondary, undergraduate, and grad students, MS&T’13 offers plenty of opportunities for personal, academic, and professional growth in an environment that promotes fun while adding to their knowledge of materials science.

Several Tuesday events were geared toward students and fun. Topping the list were the annual Mug Drop and a new Disc Golf contest organized by ACerS’ Keramos National Professional Ceramic Engineering Fraternity. A Materials Camp for secondary school students bused in from area schools to see and participate in materials science-related activities also proved popular.

The Mug Drop competition attracted 12 entries from four schools. After judges chose a winner in the Most Beautiful Mug competition, the real fun began. A rules change this year banned use of geopolymer materials, which had allowed some mugs to survive drops measured in meters in years past. This year’s winner survived a drop of 45 cm but failed at the next height, 105 cm. The effort was still good enough to bring home the top prize of $100.

The new Disc Golf competition sponsored by Material Advantage students at 13 chapters around the US and proved to be a hit that’s sure to return next year. Once again, an aesthetic winner—a beautiful hand-blown glass disc that sadly ended up in shards—was chosen before competitors threw the discs they had designed and fabricated into a standard disc golf basket from ever-increasing distances. The eventual winners—there was a three-way tie—all completed throws from 6 m.

Of course, there was serious science and business to conduct, too. Undergraduate and graduate student speaking and poster contests, ACerS’ Ceramographic Competition and Exhibit, and a Career Pavilion to bring together job seekers and prospective employers rounded out the student-related activities.

Following is a selection of photos from the events. Enjoy!

mug drop winner 105 cm

Mug Drop winner Myranda Ferris cheers as her mug is dropped (unsuccessfully, it turned out) from a height of 105 cm. Credit: ACerS

broken mug

Even unsuccessful drops yielded cheers from the large crowd. Credit: ACerS

mug drop winners

Mug Drop winners Myranda Ferris and Jake Ivy, both of Missouri S&T. Credit: ACerS.

disc golf ashlock

Disc Golf entrant Steven Ashlock of Missouri S&T presents his entry. (Yes, he worked to make the glazed disc match the color of his school shirt.) Credit: ACerS.

disc golf winners

Ceramic Disc Golf winners (from left) Steven Ashlock and Austin Gerlt, Missouri S&T; and Mackenzie Merrick and Brenden Mil-Homens, University of Connecticut. That’s Mackenzie making a long throw in the large photo above. Credit: ACerS.

materials camp

Local secondary school students enjoyed a variety of materials-related demonstrations at ASM’s Materials Camp. Credit: ACerS.

career center 1

The Career Pavilion brought together job seekers and prospective employers (above) and gave job seekers the opportunity to post resumes and check out potential employment opportunities (below). Credit: ACerS.

career center



student poster

Entrants in the student poster contest explained their work to interested attendees. Credit: ACerS.

snow award winner

Submitted by Michael Naguib of Drexel University, the winner of this year’s Roland B. Snow Award in ACerS’ Ceramographic Exhibit and Competition is “The Carbon-Anatase Dog.” Credit: ACerS.