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May 25th, 2018


Published on May 25th, 2018 | By: Belinda Raines


Welcome to the Keramos National Professional Ceramic Engineering Fraternity web page. The main function of Keramos is to promote and emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of students in ceramics, to stimulate mental development, and to promote interest in the professional aspects of ceramic engineering, technology, and science.


Attention All Keramos Members!

Please remember that annual dues of $10 are required every year for both student and professional members. Fraternity dues are used to provide travel support to delegates from each Chapter to attend the Annual Keramos Convocation and ACerS Annual Meeting (MS&T Conference). The Keramos treasury is running low, and we would very much appreciate your continued support of Keramos in its efforts to support professional development among ceramic engineering students. A convenient link to PayPal is provided below, or you may send a check to our General Secretary, Dr. Jeff Smith, at the address below. Thank you! 


The origins of Keramos date to the formation of Beta Pi Kappa at The Ohio State University in 1902 to promote the interaction between and camaraderie among ceramic engineering professionals and students. Beta Pi Kappa subsequently merged in 1932 with a chapter of similar interests and intentions at the University of Illinois (formed as Keramos in 1914). The fraternity experienced growth throughout the next four decades to chapters at universities possessing ceramic engineering programs. There are currently 12 student chapters across the country actively promoting the ideals of Keramos and ceramic engineering. An excellent review of the founding and history of Keramos is available in KERAMOS – A Biographical History by W.W. Kriegel, a copy of which can be found in the Keramos Blue Book volumes below:


Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Volume 6

Volume 7

Volume 8



Keramos meets concurrently with the annual meeting of The American Ceramic Society. The executive board, comprised of the national officers typically meets on the Saturday evening prior to the annual meeting. The executive board reconvenes at the annual Keramos Student Convocation on the Sunday morning of the annual meeting, at which all fraternity business is reviewed, chapter reports are given, student representation is elected, and recognition of chapters and individuals receiving awards is made. A career presentation by a speaker invited from industry or academia concludes the Convocation.


Membership in Keramos is via invitation and induction at one of the chapters comprising the fraternity. Students, resident teaching staff, alumni, and honorary members are eligible. Member selection is predicated on the basis of good scholarship, interest in the discipline of ceramics, and strong personal character. Chapter officers are elected annually and represent their chapters at the annual Convocation.

Membership records are maintained by the general secretary of the fraternity in electronic format and are updated annually as new member inductions are reported by the chapters: Download the Excel file.


Renew Your Keramos Dues Today!


Annual Renew Options
Keragram Mailing Option
Comments to the Keramos Board

All donations support student travel for chapter delegates to attend annual Keramos convocation. 


Executive Board


Brian Gilmore

Pioneer Natural Resources

P: (972) 969-1801



Past President/Herald

Kevin M. Fox

Savannah River National Lab

P: (803) 819-8462



Vice President

Geoff Brennecka

Colorado School of Mines

P: (303) 384-2238




Daniel “Elliott” Sievers

The Boeing Company

Metals & Ceramics Development

P: (256) 529-7401



Recording Secretary

Kathleen Cissel

Materials Characterization Facility, AFRL UES, Inc

P: (937) 255-9243



General Secretary

Jeffrey D. Smith

Missouri University of Science and Technology

P: (573) 341-4447



Student Representative

Andrew Jacobs
Missouri University of Science and Technology


Keramos Publications

Advisor’s Handbook


Procedures Manual


Recent Keragrams

Spring 2017
Spring 2018


Download Past Greaves-Walker Roll of Honor Recipients


Active Keramos Chapters

Alfred University

Clemson University

Colorado School of Mines

Missouri University of Science & Technology

Pennsylvania State University

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

University of Arizona

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Washington


Ceramic Mug Drop Contest

Keramos organizes the ceramic mug drop contests as part of the Material Advantage™ student activities at the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) meeting. Mug Drop Contest Rules 


Ceramic Disc Golf Contest

The purpose of the Ceramic Disc Golf contest is to promote spirited and collegial competition among students by demonstrating their prowess in manufacturing ceramic discs possessing high strength and mechanical reliability. The contest is organized by Keramos at MS&T. Ceramic Disc Golf Contest Rules 


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