Refractories tame the flame to make it all possible | The American Ceramic Society

Refractories tame the flame to make it all possible

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[Image above] Credit: pittrefractories’s channel; YouTube

The March issue of the ACerS Bulletin is now available online, and it has one hot theme—refractories.

Do know all about refractories? You may know that refractories are used to handle molten metals, but did you know they also are found in petrochemical refining operations, pizza parlors, warm hearths, and residential thrones?

Can you name five applications of refractories? What sizes and shapes do refractories come in? What’s the difference between preformed shapes and monolithic refractories? And what the heck are refractory ceramic fibers?

Watch this informative video from The Refractories Institute, “Taming the Flame,” to learn all about how refractories make it possible—then be sure to peruse the latest issue of the ACerS Bulletin!

Credit: pittrefractories’s channel; YouTube