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Here’s a look at what went on at the Material Advantage Mug Drop event organized by Keramos, and I should note there was a good natured controversy about some of the entrants who used geopolymers to make their mugs. Trudy Kriven (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) provides a defense of the geopolymers at the end of the video.

The Virginia Tech team of Jacob Monzel, Michelle Gervasio, Alexandra Egert, Kirby Boone and Morgan Brown took top honors thanks to Michelle’s mug, which survived a fall from the 60 cm mark. The prize is a $100 award and a trophy.

Liz Reidmeyer (above) won the “Best Looking Mug” award for having the most aesthetically pleasing mug in the competition, and she was wise enough to keep the beautiful piece out of the drop competition. Liz comes by her ceramics savvy naturally; her mom is Mary Reidmeyer, professor of ceramic engineering at Missouri S&T.