[Image above] Inner mechanism of the newly launched DIY Netflix socks kit. Credit, Netflix U.S. & Canada, YouTube

Here’s a familiar scene: You settle in to binge watch the latest Netflix original series and two episodes into the marathon you fall asleep, but the show keeps playing. And you wake up to find that you’ve unwittingly slept through four episodes.

If this scenario rings true to you or someone you know, Netflix has a technical solution to this very fundamental problem.

The brand recently launched a kit for ambitious do-it-yourselfers to assemble their own pair of socks that detect when they’ve fallen asleep and pause their program so they don’t miss any of the action.

Netflix explains the technology and provides a step-by-step guide to assembly. (Check out the video that briefly demos the concept.)

Credit: Netflix U.S. & Canada, YouTube

Here’s how it works: the socks use an accelerometer to monitor your body movements. Normal shifts and movements most of us make while watching TV cause the socks to light up and keep the program going. When you doze off and become really still for a period of time, the senor picks up on this lack of movement and pauses the program.

But when Netflix says this is a DIY project, they mean it. You’ll need to brush up on your knitting skills, and furnish your own circuit boards, wiring, and soldering gun. 

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Credit: Functionalize, YouTube