[Image above] Exhibitors on the Ceramics Expo 2015 show floor demoing the latest and greatest industry innovations. Credit: ACerS

The ceramic and glass industry continues to drive innovations in electronics, transportation, medicine, 3-D printing, clean energy, and so much more.

And when the industry’s best and brightest come together in one place to share the latest ideas, technology, and advancements, it can only lead to further breakthroughs.

For the second year in a row, Cleveland, Ohio, will host Ceramics Expo 2016, the dedicated marketplace for things within the ceramic manufacturing supply chain. Held April 26–28, the Expo also features a unique conference—the industry’s only free-to-attend, twin track, commercial and manufacturing conference that runs parallel to the Expo.

So why do you need to be there?

Ceramics Expo is a true meeting of the minds.


This year’s conference will feature speakers from organizations including Corning, GE, 3M, Rolls-Royce, and Boeing, and other industry leaders.

Seminars, panels, and presentations across two tracks will examine key challenges and opportunities of various material properties and their applications across several industries, as well as discuss the latest developments in the material supply chain, ceramic and glass processing tech, and quality assurance.

This year’s event will be even bigger and better than last year.


This year, Ohio’s city on the lake expects more than 3,000 ceramic and glass commercial and manufacturing industry leaders and 300 vendors for the Expo, outpacing last year’s event, which brought 171 exhibitors and more than 2,300 attendees from 25 countries representing 1,000 organizations.

“This exciting year-over-year growth of Ceramics Expo signals not just the need for the event, but the vibrancy of our industry as it drives technology advances in electronics, transportation, medicine, communication, and so much more,” Charlie Spahr, executive director of ACerS, organizing partner of Ceramics Expo, says in a recent ACerS press release.

ACerS will offer unique opportunities for business building.


At Ceramics Expo, ACerS will offer three unique opportunities for attendees and vendors to build their businesses:

  • Ceramic Leadership Summit (CLS)—a strategy-focused meeting for decision makers in the industry, where presentations will cover innovations in manufacturing, impact of changing demographics on business, financing the venture, and acquisition strategies, among others;
  • Targeted Learning Workshops—hands-on workshops for the makers and doers in your organization;
  • ACerS Manufacturing Division meeting—a rejuvenated ACerS community just for ceramic and glass manufacturers.

Word on the street is Ceramics Expo is the ceramics and glass industry event to attend.

Testimonials right from the show floor at last year’s event set the stage for what attendees can expect this year.

Credit: Ceramics Expo; YouTube

Mark Mecklenborg, ACerS director of membership, meetings, and technical publications, shares his experience from last year’s Ceramics Expo in a video shot from the show floor. “It [Ceramics Expo] really is a great representation of the ceramics and glass industry—not only in the United States, but throughout the world,” Mecklenborg says.

ACerS Corporate Members also report a successful experience at last year’s event.

“The experience was actually great. I mean… we ran out of flyers there were so many people coming to our booth! We didn’t expect that. We’ll definitely be back next year,” Johannes Homa, CEO and cofounder of Lithoz—an Austria-based company that specializes in 3-D printed ceramics—and ACerS Corporate Member, adds in the video.

(Sidebar: Check out the latest ACerS Bulletin, which features an article about Lithoz and the high potential of additive manufacturing for the ceramics industry.)

Want to hear from other ACerS Corporate Members who had major success at Ceramics Expo last year? Check out this video.

Clear your schedule and book your trip to Cleveland—you won’t want to miss this. Register for your free pass to Ceramics Expo now!