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AVS, Inc.

AVS specializes in design, engineering, fabrication and complete integration of custom furnaces. We specialize in applications involving combinations of high temperatures to 2400°C, vacuum to 10-6 torr, and gas pressures up to 3000 psig (200 bar). We also manufacture furnaces that include hydraulic hot pressing from 5 tons to over 1000 tons of force, complex gas controls such as MIM and CVD, as well as combination debinding/sintering furnaces. Some AVS furnace applications involve induction heating, but most utilize either graphite or metal resistance heating. AVS leads the industry with its ACE Data Acquisition and Control System, a fully integrated control system that provides graphical user interface screens with point-and-click selection and control of furnace components, run-time parameter displays, recipe screens, user-configurable recipes, status screens, statistics screen and trend screens, including a split-screen feature, allowing direct trend screen comparisons.

600 Fitchburg Rd.
Ayer, MA 04132

  • Booth number: 307
  • Phone number: +1-978-772-0710
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