Denka Corporation
780 3rd Ave
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10017-2024

P: (212) 688-8700

F: (212) 688-8727

DENKI KAGAKU KOGYO KABUSHIKI KAISHA (Denka) is a chemical company operating in a wide range of business fields, including organic and inorganic materials for industrial manufacturing, materials for construction and civil engineering, electronic materials, food packaging materials and pharmaceuticals. Since its founding as a manufacturer employing electrical furnaces to produce chemicals, Denka has been developing technological strengths in the areas of high-temperature calcining control and the nitriding process. The application of these technologies to organic synthesis and polymer processing has allowed Denka to further diversify their business portfolio. At the same time, with the aim of securing the energy required to support operations, Denka has focused on building a network of hydroelectric power plants while streamlining energy use.