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In 2017, Dynamic Systems Inc. celebrates 60 years of excellence in delivering valuable tools to the materials research and production community. Located in New York’s Tech Valley, DSI has grown from humble beginnings to become an international organization with employees and partners around the globe. Gleeble systems have become the world-standard for thermalmechanical physical simulation systems.

DSI’s first system, christened the “Gleeble” by one of its creators, was originally developed to simulate the heat-affected zone of arc welding. A pneumatic system was soon added to the Gleeble, giving it limited mechanical capabilities. In 1979, the Gleeble became the first machine ever to combine full resistance heating thermal capabilities and hydraulic servo-mechanical testing performance in a single system. In the early 1980’s, the machine was re-engineered to incorporate computers for controlling tests and collecting data. Since then, DSI has introduced an advanced series of systems, which combine dynamic thermal and mechanical testing utilizing sophisticated computers for control and data acquisition.

As a result of this innovative technology, it is possible for materials to be tested in the same dynamic way that they are fabricated and used. This capability is producing new insights into materials science and new breakthroughs in productivity.

Our team is excited to celebrate our 60th anniversary and is proud to carry on the tradition of innovation and excellence that has been key to our customers and our own success. We look forward to supporting our customers and the rest of the materials research community for the next 60 years.

There are hundreds of applications where DSI products have been used to determine the properties of materials, improve a material’s performance or to improve a material’s fabrication process.