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Hideo Hosono

Hideo Hosono, Professor, Laboratory for Materials and Structures, Institute of Innovative Research, Institute of Technology, JAPAN

Biography: Hideo Hosono
received his Ph.D of Applied Chemistry in 1982 from Tokyo Metropolitan University. He became a Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1999 via associate professors of Nagoya Institute of Technology, National Institute for Molecular Science. Dr. Hosono was appointed to the founding director of Materials Research Center for Element Strategy on August 1, 2012. He is now a member of Science Council of Japan and a foreign member of the Royal Society.

Dr. Hosono is an inventor of IGZO-TFTs which are now used as the backplane of large-sized OLED-TVs. In 2008 his group discovered an high Tc Iron-pnictide superconductor which has grown to a new continent of high Tc superconductor comparable to Cuprates. He is a pioneer of RT stable electride materials and their applications including ammonia synthesis under mild conditions.

Dr. Hosono has received various awards including a medal with purple ribbon (2008), Bernd T. Matthias Prize, Thomson Reuters Citation Laureate in Physics (2013), APS McGroddy Prize (2015), the Imperial Prize of the Japan Academy (2015) and the Japan Prize (2016).