HORIBA Scientific

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Irvine, CA 92618

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The HORIBA Group, made up of 49 companies in 27 countries, is a leading company that provides analytical and measurement systems throughout the world.

Our business is evolving in the markets of automotive, process and environmental instruments, medical diagnostics, semiconductor instruments and scientific instruments. We have displayed our strength in the global market, especially in the fields of automotive emissions and stack-gas measurement, air pollution, water pollution monitoring, quality control in various industries, and clinical diagnosis, achieving dramatic growth over the past few years. It is our continual source of joy and pride that our analytical and measurement business can contribute to global environmental conservation, safety and health, and moreover to improving energy problems. I believe that it is this pride which fuels our ability to provide competitive products.

HORIBA Scientific offers 200 years of experience in developing high-performance scientific instruments and analytical solutions for life sciencesmaterial scienceswater, energy and many other applications. Our technologies include: