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Krautzberger NA LLC

6769 Lake Dr.
Warrenton, VA 20187
P: (540) 349-5358
F: (540) 347-0770

Krautzberger, “the inventor of the modern spray gun,” has over 100 years experience in the surface technology industry dating back to 1902. The company’s equipment and systems for surface treatment are sold in 60 countries. Krautzberger supplies a wide range of standardized solutions in the field of conventional coating, airless and duo techniques, suction-extraction systems, small automated equipment and a broad variety of special-purpose solutions. The latest advanced technology from Krautzberger is the Steam Spray which recently was awarded the prestigious 2011 Hermes Award. The Steam Spray technology atomizes material with steam in place of compressed air. In the years and decades to come, Krautzberger will continue to develop its products to introduce cutting edge innovations.