O’Keefe Ceramics Inc
845 Research Dr.
Woodland Park, CO 80863
P: (719) 687-0888
O’Keefe Ceramics specializes in the precision fabrication of advanced ceramic materials and composites. Our customers have improved their overall systems performance through the use of these technical ceramics. Our experience with different applications is vast, and quality has always been and remains our number one standard. As a trusted ceramic manufacturer for over 30 years, we can help you develop material solutions that will fulfill your needs.

We work with many different ceramic materials and start each project by analyzing your specific requirements with detail to assist you with the selection of the proper ceramic material. By taking the time to fully understand these needs, we can ensure that your project will be a success from the start.

Since 1984, we have been serving the aerospace, medical, energy and semiconductor industries, so let our experience tell the story. Machining ceramics is in our DNA, but so is our firmly rooted principal that the customer always comes first.  Quality is and will always be our number one standard. We’ve spent over 30 years constantly developing our machining and inspection processes to be certain that quality is never sacrificed. We take pride in what we’ve developed and our ability to maintain stringent processing requirements that produce the highest grade of product for our customers.

O’Keefe Ceramics has the vision to look ahead with new ideas, materials and concepts to ensure the success of your products with our long-time industry experience and dedicated personnel. From prototype to production, we can help you develop material solutions to boost your productivity and become an industry leader.