OptiPro Systems LLC
6368 Dean Parkway
Ontario, NY 14519 USA
P: (585) 265-0160
F: (585) 265-9416

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OptiPro Systems has more than 30 years experience developing and manufacturing precision optical fabrication machines and metrology systems. They are a global leader in designing and building computer controlled grinding, polishing, and measuring equipment for the precision optics industry.

OptiPro’s Advanced Process Development (APD) department focuses on fabrication solutions for precision optics. These solutions are designed to yield parts that can be manufactured from a variety of commercially available materials including optical glasses, ceramics, crystals, and alloys. Part diameters range from a millimeter up to one meter for flats, spheres, aspheres, and freeform shapes. OptiPro works together with customers’ engineers on cost, process efficiency, design improvements, testing and evaluations to produce the highest quality fabrication and metrology systems that will add significant value to their overall capabilities.