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Northbrook, IL 60062
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Quality Refractory Products and Services, Powered by Knowledgeable Experts with Genuine Experience

For more than a century, Plibrico has helped companies worldwide, like yours, operate their critical and demanding heat environments by providing dependable and safe refractory solutions.   A pioneer in aluminosilicate and high alumina monolithic refractory technology and development, successful companies trust us to deliver vital, high-quality heat control solutions that reduce risk, improve uptime, and reliably boost performance of thermal processing operations.

Our Refractory, Engineering and Construction expertise allows us to fully service customers, concept to completion.

Committed to growth and focused on providing value for you, our knowledge and experience supporting thousands of customers’ refractory needs – provides you with a seasoned partner that can support you with reliable refractory solutions throughout your facility.

Discover Plibrico – We have built a business over more than a century, based on trust, knowledge and experience, qualities that create close lasting relationships to deliver superior refractory heat control solutions to you.   Phone: 312-337-9000 or Email: