Sauereisen, Inc.
160 Gamma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA  15238-2920

P: (412) 963-0303

F: (412) 963-7620

For over a century, the Sauereisen name has ranked among the leaders of specialty cement development. When he was just a teenager in 1899, C. Fred Sauereisen, who worked with George Westinghouse in the development of the first porcelain insulator, founded Sauereisen Cements Company. The first Sauereisen cement, at one time used within practically every automobile manufactured in the United States, is still popular today for high temperature adhesive applications.
Today Sauereisen is a third-generation company that has grown into one of the best-known corrosion-resistant material manufacturers in the world. Their product portfolio includes a complete line of organic and inorganic corrosion-resistant materials of construction for new and rehabilitation applications.
Sauereisen maintains a global presence with an extensive network of technical sales representatives in major cities throughout the world. Their manufacturing and warehouse facilities located in the United States, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America provide worldwide product distribution.
Sauereisen remains dedicated to solving the problems requiring specialty materials. Their main areas of expertise are the restoration of infrastructure, the prevention of corrosion, and the insulation of high-temperature instrumentation.