Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
398 Hase

Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa  243-0036


P:  +81-46-248-1131

F:  81-46-270-7227

Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (SEL) finds research topics pertaining to forthcoming needs of society, finds new principles by thorough research and development, and invents technologies that would solve problems. SEL simultaneously obtains patents for those inventions to protect their intellectual property, and when they receive recognition that their inventions are indeed valuable, SEL inventions are used all over the world, leading to their profits. The obtained profits are further invested into other R&D to create new technologies. This IP creation cycle is the SEL business model.

Besides Japan, patent applications are submitted all over the world, including the US, EU, and various countries throughout Asia, with the hope of contributing to further technological development.