Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., LTD

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Jinan, Shandong, China 250000

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Jinan Shengquan Group Share-holding Co.,  Ltd is located in Jinan, China, founded in 1979. The company covers more than 495 acres and has over 4000 staffs with subsidiaries in Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia, India, Brazil and other districts. SQ Group is an innovative company that focuses on R&D, and comprehensive utilization of plant stalks and high performance poly resin, which covers biomass comprehensive utilization, high performance resin and composite materials, casting and auxiliary materials, health-care medicine, new energy and hygiene protective equipment.

Shandong Shengquan New Materials Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Shengquan Group.

As the leader of key innovation of phenolic resin technology, SQ’s products are widely used in diverse industry sectors.

SQ supplies resin for manufacture of refractories materials, which includes:
Powder Resin for Shaped and Unshaped Refractories Products
Powder Resin for Dry Vibration Mixes
Liquid Resin for Iso-statically Shaped Products
Phenolic Resin for Ramming Mixes
Phenolic Resin for Top hole Clay
Liquid thermosetting and thermoplastic Phenolic Resin for General Use
Phenolic Resin for Dolomite Brick

Strict process control ensures accurate and narrow molecular weight distribution, which results in consistency of product property. This is our unchanged pursuit.

SQ can provide not only products, but also customized solution including process formulation and service. This comes from our prefund understanding of the products itself, as well as confidence backed by strong capacity of R&D.

We started phenolic resin production by establishing Joint Venture With UK Hepworth Resin Co LTD in 1997. Become 100% Chinese company by acquisition of foreign stake, began independent R&D, production and sales of resin.

Ranked Asia No.1 and world top 3 supplier of Phenolic resin. We are the supplier of insulation layer of Chinese space ship. The China refractories associated with phenolic resin standard creator and composer.