Sunrock Ceramics Company
2625 S 21st Ave
Broadview, IL 60155-4641
P: (708) 344-7600

Sunrock Ceramics is a Chicago-based manufacturer of high purity alumina kiln furniture and specialty refractory used in high-temperature thermal processing. Markets served include technical ceramics, powder metallurgy, ferrites, specialty glass, investment casting and other advanced material production that involves severe thermal cycling and/or aggressive chemistry. Sunrock emphasizes high quality and chemical purity, great customer service, fast turnaround and a wide selection of shapes and formulations to ensure the most economic system design for each application.

  • Assistance in Kiln Furniture System Design: Your kiln furniture supplier should be a partner in developing the most economical design, taking into consideration the many inherent trade-offs involved. Please contact Sunrock to review and discuss design options for optimizing firing economics.
  • Wide Variety of Shapes: Sunrock produces a wide assortment of shapes by either pressing or thixotropic casting. High performance presses are used with an extensive library of existing tooling. Sunrock’s tooling design allows for new shapes to be made with very reasonable tooling costs. As a complement to pressing, thixotropic casting is used for complex shapes or lower volume production. Sunrock offers a cast formulation that is completely free of clay, meaning that cast shapes are as chemically pure as the pressed parts and have similar high-temperature hot strength.
  • Fast Turnaround and Dependable Delivery: Reliable availability of refractory consumables is critical to a smoothly functioning high- temperature firing operation. Fast turnaround with dependable delivery scheduling is a primary focus of Sunrock. Also, many plate sizes, sagger, and setter shapes are stock items. Please contact Sunrock for more information.