Technology Assessment & Transfer, Inc.
133 Defense Hwy Ste 212
Annapolis, MD 21401-8907

P: (410) 224-3710
F: (410) 224-4678


Technology Assessment and Transfer, Inc. is a high technology corporation that develops and commercializes advanced materials for defense, bio-medical and industrial applications, primarily through government funded R&D. The transition into commercial products has been occurring through the establishment of wholly owned subsidiaries such as Ceramic Composites, Inc. in 1991, cooperative development programs with end-users, and technology licensing. TA&T and CCI’s primary areas of interest are magnetron sputtered, multilayer thin films for superior wear, erosion and corrosion resistance, low-cost chemical vapor infiltration of fiber reinforced ceramic composites, toughened monolithic ceramics, strengthened carbon foams, stereolithographic ceramic and metal formulations for direct manufacturing of ceramic micro-devices and intelligent process control of advanced materials processes. In the last 6 years, TA&T has mounted a major effort in the development and production of transparent ceramic armor and optical components. TA&T also provides technology assessments and recommendations for government agencies in a host of advanced technologies.