Werner G. Smith Inc.
1730 Train Ave
Cleveland, OH 44113-4201
P: (216) 861-3676

Incorporated in 1950, Werner G. Smith Inc. has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise. With their current operations, Werner G. Smith, Inc. is capable of producing over a million pounds of product a month in combined oxidized and polymerized products.  

Werner G. Smith Inc. produces biodegradable, bio-sustainable, and bio-renewable additives most commonly used in machining and metal working, cleaners, personal care products and coatings and paint.  Their ingredients are from earth-friendly sources and have been since 1950.  Their products are sold across the world.

The Werner G. Smith Inc. products can be found in the putties at your local home improvement store, in the cosmetics found on your shelf and even in the glazing compounds used on the windows of the White House!  They were proud to call themselves a “green” company long before most chemical companies began looking at how their products and manufacturing processes impacted the environment.

Werner G. Smith Inc. continues to improve their processes and upgrade their facility to meet the demands of a changing economy and global market.