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ACerS Associate Membership Application

Congratulations on your recent graduation!

You have been contacted by a delegate of ACerS President's Council of Student Advisors (PCSA) and are being recruited into The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) as an Associate Member. Associate Membership is the one-year complimentary membership in ACerS for recent graduates and is for one-time use only. Make sure you include the name of the PCSA delegate who recruited you. Please also note that ACerS keeps company/university and home addresses on file, so make sure you include both addresses in the indicated spaces below, if applicable.
  • Company/University Address:

  • Home Address:

  • ACerS Divisions

    One ACerS Division is included in your membership. Please select one from the list below. For more information about Divisions, visit
  • Statistical Information (Optional)

    ACerS gathers statistical and demographic data so we can better serve our members. Providing this data is optional and not a condition of membership.
  • Educational Background