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“This new magazine rounds out ACerS publishing portfolio.”
Eileen De Guire, ACerS director of technical content and communications

The American Ceramic Society was founded in 1898 by brick manufacturers to provide information to help solve problems related to producing uniform clay-based products. Ceramic manufacturing has evolved and expanded in the intervening 121 years. But, the need for relevant, timely information remains urgent.

Trust the source the industry has turned to for more than a century—The American Ceramic Society.

Who should read C&GM?

Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing—ACerS’ NEW B2B magazine—delivers news and information for ceramic and glass manufacturers and businesses. Published quarterly, starting December 2019, C&GM provides useful, relevant, timely articles from experts in the industry.

If you are a manufacturer, plant engineer, plant manager, production leader, operator, supply chain vendor, purchasing manager, sales team member, product developer, or otherwise connected with making and selling ceramic or glass components—this magazine is for you.

Manufacturers face urgent issues daily—C&GM content addresses today’s information needs:

  • Feature articles focused on practical solutions
  • People news
  • Business news
  • Trade show news and reports

How is C&GM different from ACerS Bulletin?

Unique Identity

In 2020, C&GM will publish within the Bulletin, a “magazine with a magazine.” It will have a separate online identity. And, as a B2B magazine rather than a membership magazine, the content is all-industry focused.

Targeted Content

C&GM is for today’s manufacturer: What are the urgent issues facing companies that are making products right now? In contrast, ACerS Bulletin looks to the near future—what will we be making 5-10 years from now?

What will C&GM cover?

With guidance from advisors who are themselves ceramic industry manufacturers, we developed themes on topics that relate to your business’ bottom line, your business relationships, and your business efficiency.

The first issue of Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing premiered in December 2019.

“We really didn’t have a publication dedicated to the urgent information needs of manufacturers and business,” says Eileen De Guire, ACerS director of technical content and communications. “Now we do.”

Initially, C&GM will publish within the pages of the Bulletin. However, it will have its own website and electronic distribution. A companion e-newsletter, C&GM Weekly, launched in early 2020.

C&GM editorial calendar 2020

December 2019Globalization and the ceramic industry
April 2020Breaking in: A small company guide to working with big companies
June/July 2020Smart manufacturing: Good business practices for manufacturers
September 2020Workforce development
December 2020Standards: Guideposts to quality