Ceramic Tech Chat transcripts

Clay roof tiles inspire past and present passion: David JensenPDF
Focusing on the fundamentals: Rajendra BordiaPDF
Fostering pathways for ceramic engineers: Geoff BrenneckaPDF
Innovative solutions for low-carbon cement: Shiho KawashimaPDF
Designing capacitors of the future: Yoshiki IwazakiPDF
Pathways to excellence through research and writing: John MauroPDF
Specialty glasses for healthcare and more: Steven JungPDF
New technologies for nuclear energy: Rita BaranwalPDF
Manufacturing innovation at US national labs: Chris HecklePDF
Space, the new frontier for business: Jonathan VolkPDF
The everlasting relevance of brick: John SandersPDF
Actions for a sustainable future: Jürgen RödelPDF
Big picture, small scale—connecting materials and communities: Sanjay MathurPDF
Deformable ceramics and next-gen functionalities: Xufei FangPDF
Exploring space and the future of travel: Valerie WiesnerPDF
Discovering the magic in ceramic science and art: Ryan CoppagePDF
Materials research for space and in space: Rick WeberPDF
Modern techniques reveal historic secrets: Katherine FaberPDF
Advancing the Age of Glass: Mathieu HubertPDF
The Ceramic and Glass Industry Foundation: Marcus FishPDF
Engineering surfaces using thermal spray: Christopher BerndtPDF
The Glass of Wine: Jim and Penelope ShackelfordPDF
Welcome to IYOG 2022: Kathleen Richardson and Manoj ChoudharyPDF
Holistic academia—teaching, research, mentoring: Beth DickeyPDF
How to craft a strategic plan: Mark Mecklenborg and Dana GoskiPDF
Superheroes and open access inspire research: Ricardo CastroPDF
Building cross-border research communities: Olivia GraevePDF
Diversifying energy sources and workforce: Sossina HailePDF
Teaching science through experience: Adelle Schade PDF
A teacher’s thoughts on glass and money: Steve FellerPDF
Materials Genome Initiative 10 years later: James WarrenPDF
Thermodynamics in the classroom and lab: Scott McCormackPDF
Ceramics in Thailand: Rattikorn Yimnirun and colleaguesPDF
Scanning TEM unlocks grain boundary secrets: Yuichi IkuharaPDF
Why science communication matters: Taylor Sparks and Andrew FalkowskiPDF
Ceramics in the family: Greg and Ashley HilmasPDF
Leading a Global Refractories Company: Carol Jackson PDF
Research and Education for Nuclear Waste: Charmayne LonerganPDF
How to Build an Additive Manufacturing Company: Johannes HomaPDF
Local Manufacturing in a Global Economy: Matt CreedonPDF
Intercultural Collaboration Benefits Science: Tessa DaveyPDF
Integrating Research for a Greener, Cleaner World: Clive RandallPDF
Why We Like Two-Year Tech Degrees: Dana GoskiPDF
Aircraft Ceramics at NASA and University: Beth OpilaPDF
Ceramic Tech Chat IntroductionPDF

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