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From groundbreaking fundamental research to models of atoms, energies, mechanisms, processes and systems, articles published in ACerS journals have a lasting impact on our field, and on our Society.

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Get to know our journals

Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS) publishes fundamental science reports on discovery, characterization, and analysis of new materials and processes

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology (ACT) is devoted to the development and commercialization of engineered ceramic products and processes

International Journal of Applied Glass Science (IJAGS) is an indispensable source of glass science and engineering research aimed at meeting the challenges of using glass and related materials.

International Journal of Ceramic Engineering and Science (IJCES) is an open-access interdisciplinary journal covering all aspects of research, development, processing, manufacturing, and use of ceramic and related materials, assemblies, and systems

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Articles of interest to members of the ACerS divisions are posted quarterly.  Find out more.

The flagship journal of fundamental ceramic and glass science

Commercialization of engineered ceramics for all applications

Meeting the challenges for deploying glass in end-user applications

Gold Open Access journal for sound engineering and science research at all stages

Announcing IJCES

Now accepting submissions for ceramic and glass research from traditional ceramics (whiteware, refractories, clay, etc.) through advanced ceramics, glass and composite materials, processes and systems for biomedical, energy, environmental, aerospace, transportation, civil, manufacturing, and electronics applications.  The work must be well conducted and scientifically sound. Impact is not a main criterion as IJCES is designed to be inclusive and supportive of authors and readers around the globe.

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ACerS is dedicated to helping you advance your career.  From leading publishing seminars at ACerS conferences to providing excellent feedback on your submitted manuscripts, our editors want you to be a successful author.  Recently our editors held a very informative Chinese-language author webinar, which you can access by clicking the button below.

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