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Phase Equilibrium Diagram Product Details

85 years of critically evaluated ceramic phase diagrams

About ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagram products

  • Database of over 27,600 diagrams with critical information and commentaries for inorganic materials comprising ceramic and glass compositions, raw materials, salts and minerals.
  • Simple, yet flexible and powerful search capabilities
  • PDF versions of diagrams and information

Analysis software to directly determine compositions, temperatures and other information from the diagrams without rulers and calculators and reformat the graphical data for consistent visualization.

Purchase new Phase USB by 12/15/18 and get free upgrade to Version 4.3 in 2019

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The ACerS-NIST Phase Equilibria Diagrams product is the largest collection of data on compositions, phase structure and phase transition temperatures for inorganic materials.  Other phase equilibria collections may have some inorganic compounds, but their focus is on other material types such as metals and alloys, or organic systems.  Gathered over 85 years from critically-evaluated literature sources, the Phase Equilibria Diagrams cover a wide range of compositions, including but not limited to:

  • Oxide systems and mixed systems with oxides for electrodes, catalysts, electroceramics, magneto-resistors, thermistors, capacitors, nuclear fuel/waste, ion conductors and more
  • Chalcogenides such as sulfides and selenides for thermoelectrics, optoelectronics, photovoltaics, etc.
  • Pnictide systems such as nitrides and arsenides for optical materials, sensors, detectors, photovoltaics, etc.
  • Actinide and Rare Earth systems containing U, Th, Pu, Ce, Eu, Gd for nuclear materials research and luminescence, etc.
  • Oxy-cation systems such as molybdates and vanadates
  • Semiconductors – Si, Ge, Sn
  • Group 3 systems – B, Al, Ga, In, Tl
  • Group 4 systems – carbides, silicides for high temperature systems
  • Glass systems – silicates, borosilicates
  • Salts and minerals

The Phase Equilibria Diagram products can be purchased in different formats with versions for single users or for when multiple simultaneous usage is needed.


PHASE USB – a physical USB stick containing the Version 4.2 database and software. It is loaded onto your local personal computer that runs the Windows® 7 or 10 operating system; no internet required. The PHASE USB product is a one-time purchase that can be used for many years.  However, when new diagrams are added, updates to the PHASE USB product carry must be purchased, usually at a significantly discount price depending on which version is being upgraded.

PHASE ONLINE – a cost-effective and convenient subscription web-based service that must be renewed annually. The database is always current for this service.  Not tied to any one workstation, PHASE ONLINE can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. This is the only format available to MAC users.

PHASE BOOKS – Need to complete your book library or replace a damaged copy? ACerS has a very limited number of the some of the original volumes of phase diagrams used to create Phase Equilibria Diagram products. Click here to see what is currently available. (link to Books page)


Single-user versions of both PHASE USB and PHASE ONLINE allow one person at a time to search the database and view the diagrams.

Multi-user PHASE USBs allow loading of the software onto up to 10 PCs

Multi-user PHASE ONLINE subscriptions allow 10 username/password combinations

Library PHASE ONLINE subscriptions allow unlimited simultaneous users via IP Authentication

Call for Contributing Editors

Earn recognition and compensation for providing and evaluating new phase equilibrium diagrams.