The Best of the Bulletin: Refractory Ceramics consists of 300 articles from The American Ceramic Society Bulletin on the topic of refractory ceramics. These articles have been organized by decade from 1950 to 2015. The Bulletin is The American Ceramic Society’s membership magazine and has been the flagship publication for research and overview articles on all things ceramic and glass. We have scoured through six and a half decades of Bulletin articles and selected topics on refractories that are timeless and continue to offer relevant solutions to problems today. We are certain you will find valuable nuggets of information in these 6.5 decades of archival articles.

This is a great resource for the following industries:

  • Refractory R&D
  • Manufacturing
  • Refractory end-users
  • Furnace designers
  • Heat treaters

Refractory products can be classified as either brick and shapes or monolithics and specialties. The latter category includes mortars, plastics and ramming mixes, castables, gunning mixes, coatings, and fiber products. Industrial segments that will benefit from this resource include iron and steel, aluminum, other non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemical, and refining.

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The refractories industry is performance driven. Refractory producers must meet the expectations placed on them from the diverse industries that utilize refractories. As one expert stated, the refractory industry is the one industry that tries to put itself out of business by developing new products that extend service and replace existing products.

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