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96 years of ceramic and glass research, business, trends, and Society news now available to search in the Bulletin Archive Online.

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Search goal Operator Examples
Required terms Use a plus (+) sign before each required term +automobile +windshields +glass

+partially +stabilized +zirconia +ceria

Excluded terms Use a minus (-) sign prefix before each required term and enclose term in "  ". +rotary +kilns -"cement"

+partially +stabilized +zirconia -“yttria”

 Wildcards Use an asterisk anywhere after the first letter in the term refractor* will return results for refractories, refractory, refractoriness
 Exact phrases Enclose in double quotes  “basic refractories”
Headlines only Toggle on the "search headlines only" switch

Example searches

-”thermal barrier coatings” +zirconia

-”blast furnace” +refractor*

+monolithic +refractor* +steel