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Advanced materials opportunity: ARPA-E offers new $130M round of high-risk, high-reward funding

By / April 20, 2011

One of the projects ARPA-E is seeking to fund are alternatives to five key at-risk rare earth elements. Credit: DOE, “Critical Materials Strategy.” The DOE announced today that it is adding five new technology programs to the ARPA-E portfolio and is ponying-up $130 million to kick these new programs off. This is good news. Now…

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Friday federal funding facts

By / September 4, 2009

The DOE hasn’t update their funding reports for several days, but, the big news is that compared to last week, the amount of funding available has surpassed $10 billion, growing by roughly $340 million. The combined DOE and NSF payouts have also crossed something of a threshold: Finally, more than $.5 billion in has been…

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DOE lights up Biofuels with $800 million in new funding

By / May 5, 2009

DOE Secretary Steven Chu is keeping the jobs/energy ball rolling with an announcement today that the agency has allocated $786.5 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to accelerate advanced biofuels R&D and commercial-scale biorefinery demonstration projects. There are many materials research and engineering angles to this, but the $110 million for “fundamental research”…

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