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Ceramic and glass business news of the week

By Lisa McDonald / March 29, 2019

China to build first floating nuclear power plant, BMW plans 12 new all-electric cars, and more ceramic and glass business news of the week for March 29, 2019.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By April Gocha / October 18, 2017

Atom-thick alloys with unanticipated magnetic properties, battery based on sodium may offer more cost-effective storage than lithium, and other materials stories that may be of interest for October 18, 2017.

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It’s electric: Shifts in the auto industry are driving new challenges and new opportunities for materials markets

By April Gocha / October 12, 2017

The automotive industry is speeding toward an electric car future. Beyond the drivers influencing these changes, there are some important factors that are actually enabling this shift to take place—and at their heart is materials science and engineering.

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Pump electrolytes instead of gas? New flow battery technology for electric vehicles

By Faye Oney / June 16, 2017

Electric cars may soon see another resurgence, as a research team from Purdue University recently developed a flow battery that recharges instantly—by replacing spent battery fluids with electrolytes.

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Better batteries? Study uncovers potential hidden impact of oxide nanoparticles on earth microbiome

By April Gocha / March 4, 2016

A new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the University of Minnesota shows that nanoparticles of lithium battery catalyst nickel manganese cobalt oxide may harm important bacteria that reside in the soil and have untold environmental consequences.

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The heat is on: Conductive graphene composite may help simplify aircraft ice removal

By Stephanie Liverani / January 26, 2016

Chemists from Rice University in Houston, Texas, are turning up the heat on graphene. They’ve developed a graphene composite material to help heat surfaces and simplify ice removal.

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Electronics fight club: Can gallium nitride sock it to silicon?

By April Gocha / August 24, 2015

MIT spinout company Cambridge Electronics Inc. is helping gallium nitride get into the center ring with its recent announcement of “a line of GaN transistors and power electronic circuits that promise to cut energy usage in data centers, electric cars, and consumer devices by 10 to 20 percent worldwide by 2025,” according to an MIT News article.

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Tesla Motors aspires to double world production of lithium-ion batteries with new battery ‘giga factory’

By April Gocha / February 26, 2014

Tesla plans to boost production and shipment of Model S electric cars in 2014, necessitating a “giga factory” to double world production of lithium ion batteries to power its fleet.

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Other materials stories that may be of interest

By / October 4, 2011

NIST Extends Response Period for Comments on Proposed New Advanced Manufacturing Program To accommodate additional interested parties, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) today announced a 30-day extension on a request seeking public comment on the proposed new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Consortia program. The comment period now ends 11:59 p.m., Eastern Time, on…

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Ford to pump $450M into battery technology for electric cars

By / January 25, 2010

Having just announced that they will be spending $550 million converting a Detroit SUV factory into a hybrid and electric vehicle factory, Ford Motors has announced a further investment of $450 million into electric cars and batteries. Part of the money will be used to move lithium-ion battery production from its current location in Mexico…

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