Video: Recent Greenland election sets new course for rare earth mining operations

By Lisa McDonald / April 14, 2021

Greenland is at the center of many recent discussions on establishing new rare earth mining operations outside of China. Greenland’s election on April 6, however, gave a different party its first-ever chance to form a government, which will likely shape the island’s future mining decisions.

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Video: Ghanaians turn waste into art

By Lisa McDonald / March 31, 2021

Some countries that are significant importers of global waste do not have strong waste management infrastructures, which makes handling the waste difficult. In the absence of government programs, entrepreneurs have started their own initiatives to aid local communities in managing waste. Learn about two individuals in Ghana combating e-waste and glass waste, respectively.

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Video: 2020 Brick in Architecture Awards span the globe

By Lisa McDonald / March 10, 2021

Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association has sponsored the Brick in Architecture Awards to recognize exceptional uses of clay brick in architecture. The 41 global winners for the 2020 awards include entries spanning the United States, Australia, Canada, China, and Germany.

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Determining function of historical artifacts: New evidence for blowpipes in Mayapán, Mexico

By Lisa McDonald / March 9, 2021

Determining the function of a historical artifact can be difficult and may require archeologists to search for external clues. An international research team spanning North America describes how they identified an ancient ceramic piece located in the ancient Maya site of Mayapán as a blowpipe tip.

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Video: N*Gen—teaching science through an African lens

By Lisa McDonald / February 24, 2021

Increasing diverse representation of scientists in the media is one way to encourage students from underrepresented groups to pursue careers in science. A new children science show called N*Gen, produced in Uganda, helps achieve that goal by teaching science through an African perspective.

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The 45th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites covers the gamut of advanced ceramic applications

By Lisa McDonald / February 19, 2021

The 45th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC 2021) took place virtually Feb. 8–11, 2021. Over 800 people attended for a week full of plenary and award lectures, focused sessions, and live networking events.

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Exploring characteristics of bronze-casting molds: Novel FTIR-based approach estimates ceramic firing temperatures

By Lisa McDonald / February 12, 2021

Ceramic molds used to cast bronze pieces during the Bronze Age offer one way to understand diachronic change and regional variation in metallurgical industries during that period. Researchers developed a novel FTIR-based approach for estimating the firing temperatures of these molds.

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Casting for alternatives—researchers explore potential of potassium carbonate as flux in continuous steel casting

By Lisa McDonald / January 22, 2021

In continuous steel casting, ceramic powders are thrown on top of the liquid metal to prevent oxidation. Two researchers from Japan investigate whether potassium carbonate may serve as an alternative to more expensive materials in the powder.

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Locked in rock: Carbon capture strategy looks to olivine to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

By April Gocha / December 22, 2020

As we face dangerously rising carbon dioxide levels in the earth’s atmosphere, new strategies for carbon capture and storage that are not only effective but also scalable, affordable, and easy to implement are drastically needed. Could a simple green silicate mineral called olivine provide the solution?

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Hybrid SmartMat@2020 welcomes virtual and in-person participants to Thailand

By Eileen De Guire / December 18, 2020

The 5th International Conference on Smart Materials and Nanotechnology took place Dec. 1–4, 2020, at the Nongnooch Pattaya Garden & Resort in Thailand. The hybrid conference welcomed over 605 participants from around the world for several days of talks, committee meetings, and networking.

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