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China—Tradition and transformation, plus more inside October/November 2019 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / September 19, 2019

The October/November 2019 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring articles on technological advances in China and data storage technologies—is now available online. Plus—ACerS leaders 2019–2020

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Will 5G hinder weather forecasts?

By Lisa McDonald / August 2, 2019

As mobile carriers push ahead with plans to release 5G networks, NOAA, NASA, and other parts of the scientific community warn that frequencies currently planned for use in 5G could interfere with weather forecasting.

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Video: From waste to winners—Olympic medals made from recycled electronics

By Lisa McDonald / July 31, 2019

The next summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo in 2020. As part of its Games Sustainability Plan, Japan recycled almost 80,000 tons of electronic devices to collect enough metal to create 5,000 Olympic medals.

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Toward a clean water supply—glass-ceramic photocatalysts purify water

By Jonathon Foreman / June 11, 2019

Many places in the world lack access to clean water. Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi suggest glass-ceramic photocatalysts could offer a safe and cost-effective way to purify water.

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Shorting out? Multilayer ceramic capacitor shortage limits consumer electronic availability

By April Gocha / April 16, 2019

The market for multilayer ceramic capacitors is ballooning with the rise of connected devices in our homes, automobiles, and pockets—but supply is not keeping pace with demand.

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Could our newfound aversion to plastic prove to be a boon to glass?

By April Gocha / April 2, 2019

With a plummeting public opinion of plastic, shifting consumer preferences and new initiatives designed to reduce waste may offer some interesting possibilities for glass packaging.

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A materials dead end? The unraveling of the recycling cycle

By April Gocha / March 26, 2019

Although 91 percent of the plastics discarded on this planet have never been recycled, the materials recycling status of glass has to be better…right? A daunting look at the current state of recycling.

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Video: Meteor showers on demand

By Lisa McDonald / January 30, 2019

A Japanese company launched seven microsatellites into orbit containing pellets meant to burn up and mimic meteor showers. If everything goes to plan, this first artificial meteor shower will take place over Hiroshima in spring 2020.

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Reducing air pollution: Insulating ceramic rocket stoves

By Lisa McDonald / January 8, 2019

Decreasing amounts of household air pollution is a crucial step toward improving the health of people living in developing countries. One engineer’s insulating ceramic rocket stoves could help achieve this goal.

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‘Innovations in Glass and Glass Technologies’ provides theme for ICG 2018

By Faye Oney / November 6, 2018

Nearly 600 delegates representing 29 countries converged on Yokohama, Japan, for ICG 2018, September 23–26. The conference theme was ‘Innovations in Glass and Glass Technologies: Contributions to a Sustainable Society.’

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