Video: Glass ornaments sparkle for the holidays

By Lisa McDonald / December 6, 2023

Glass ornaments have played a central role in holiday decorations for almost two centuries. Learn about this history and where to find glass ornaments for this year’s winter celebrations.

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Germany: Building a climate for innovation, plus more inside October/November 2023 ACerS Bulletin

By Lisa McDonald / October 12, 2023

The October/November 2023 issue of the ACerS Bulletin—featuring an overview of research and markets in Germany—is now available online. Plus—inside the nascent market for lead-free and textured piezoceramics.

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Video: Beckon in a fall of good fortune with Japanese maneki-neko

By Lisa McDonald / October 4, 2023

Many cultures have symbols or rituals that are widely viewed as lucky within that society. The maneki-neko, or Japanese “beckoning cat,” is one cultural symbol that has grown to be recognized almost universally as a figure of good luck. Learn about the history of maneki-neko and how to make one for yourself.

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Video: Years of slashed infrastructure spending culminates in crumbling concrete crisis in the UK

By Lisa McDonald / September 20, 2023

Years of slashed infrastructure spending by the U.K.’s Conservative-led government has culminated in a crumbling concrete crisis as buildings constructed out of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete begin to fail after being pushed beyond their intended lifespan.

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Video: Rapid expansion of exploratory licenses in Tasmania worries landowners

By Lisa McDonald / September 13, 2023

The mining and minerals processing industries are economically significant sectors for the Australian island state of Tasmania. But as companies apply for more and more exploratory licenses to identify new minerals deposits, landowners in the state are concerned about the environmental impacts.

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Video: Ensuring water access in arid environments—pilot fog catcher system simultaneously collects and cleans water

By Lisa McDonald / September 6, 2023

Fog catching provides people living in dry but foggy areas with a stable water source. But air pollution can make the collected water unsafe for use unless it is treated. Researchers led by ETH Zurich developed a system for simultaneously harvesting and cleaning the water collected from fog nets.

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Video: From neutrinos to asteroids, SCINEMA 2023 covers science from the smallest to largest of scales

By Lisa McDonald / August 2, 2023

SCINEMA is an international science film festival based in Australia. During the month of August, anyone around the world can register and watch the films for free through the festival’s website. This year’s entries cover an expansive range of topics, from cutting-edge cancer treatments to asteroid deflection plans.

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Video: Proposed ban threatens budding agrivoltaic industry in the Netherlands

By Lisa McDonald / July 12, 2023

Despite the recorded benefits of co-locating solar panels and crops, the erroneous belief that photovoltaics and agriculture are an either/or situation remains a common perspective in governing bodies around the world. In the past month, two media announcements out of the Netherlands reveal how a proposed ban on solar deployments on agricultural land could severely hamper the country’s budding agrivoltaic industry.

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European Ceramic Society Conference attracts 1,300 to Lyon, the City of Lights

By Eileen De Guire / July 11, 2023

The European Ceramic Society held its biennial conference on July 2–6, 2023, in Lyon, France. About 1,300 people attended the conference, which featured 16 symposia, an exposition hall, and a gala dinner.

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Video: Scotland’s proposed container recycling scheme faces delays and controversy

By Lisa McDonald / June 14, 2023

Over the past few years, the Scotland government has worked to develop a deposit return scheme to increase recycling rates for drink containers in the country. However, implementation of the scheme has been delayed due to pushback from retailers and drinks companies. A recent decision by the U.K. government excluding glass from the scheme has now pushed back the launch date to October 2025.

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