Abstract deadline for electrospinning conference is Monday, April 7! | The American Ceramic Society

Abstract deadline for electrospinning conference is Monday, April 7!

0402ctt Electrospin

0402ctt Electrospin

If you are a participant in the specialized field of electrospinning, you will want to be at the 3rd International Conference on Electrospinning, August 4–7 in San Francisco.

Electrospinning is a process for forming long nanofibers using an electric field to elongate and “pull” droplets into fibers.

Besides papers on theory and modeling, and fabrication, conference organizers are looking for papers on applications. In particular, there will be symposia on energy storage, biomedical applications, filtration and textiles, and development of green materials and sustainability. Also, there will be a symposium on polymer nanofibers, as well as one on ceramic and composite nanofibers.

The event includes a poster session, conference dinner, and an optional tour on the afternoon of the third day after the conference closes.

Organizers are scheduling only two to three concurrent sessions, so there will be plenty of opportunity to attend many of the papers.  There will be plenty of networking opportunities, too, to meet fellow electrospinners and potential collaborators.

Monday, April 7 is the deadline for submitting abstracts for the conference