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The September 2023 issue of ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

In this month’s issue, we look at materials for advanced communication technologies. The cover story by Bulletin editor Eileen De Guire interviews Cem Basceri, co-founder, president, and CEO of fabless technology innovator QROMIS, Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.). Basceri talks about the current state of the gallium nitride (GaN)-based device market and the work that QROMIS is doing to solve the remaining challenges limiting widespread GaN adoption.

The columns in this issue expand on the topic. The “Deciphering the Discipline” column by student Matthew Julian discusses the ceramics used for antennas in next-gen wireless communication networks. The “Business and Market View” column describes the global market for 5G technologies.

This issue contains the annual announcement of ACerS Awards of 2023. In addition to this year’s Distinguished Life Members—Edwin R. Fuller and Curtis A. Johnson—the Society will elevate 20 members to Fellow and recognize many more outstanding members with various Society, Division, and Class awards during the ACerS Annual Honor and Awards Banquet Reception on Oct. 2, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio.

Also included in this issue is the latest Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, which explores the emerging market for ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). The main story contains interviews with Jon Blank (GE Aerospace, engineer and manager) and Edgar Lara-Curzio (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, scientist) about new applications and new manufacturing methods for CMCs. An accompanying republished article by Dawn Levy of Oak Ridge National Laboratory describes the Oak Ridge-led program that supported R&D of the first widely deployed CMC product—and it is still a compelling story today.

Finally, see a letter to the editor on evidence-based sustainable development and circularity of materials.

You’ll find a lot more interesting content inside this—and every issue—of the ACerS Bulletin. The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in more than one hundred years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!