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ACerS and Wiley continue to celebrate 100 years of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society. For a limited time, you can access selected ACerS journal articles for free, based on topics of interest of each ACerS Division.

“Many articles have been chosen to highlight themes, such as ceramics in energy (Basic Science Division) and crystallization of glass and glass/ceramics (Glass & Optical Materials Division),” Jonathon Foreman, managing editor of ACerS journals, explains.

Do you have an interest in cements? You might be interested in “Cements in the 21st century: Challenges, perspectives, and opportunities.” If you’re interested in the latest research in manufacturing, you’ll want to read “Preparation and performance study of cordierite/mullite composite ceramics for solar thermal energy storage.”

You’ll find more links to journal articles posted on each Division page below.

You can access these free journal articles until September 30, 2017. After that, ACerS members will be able to log in to ceramics.org to access them.

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To learn more about JACerS’s 100th anniversary celebration, visit this link on Wiley’s website.

We would also love to hear your comments and suggestions on the value of this service to you. You can provide feedback on this page, or email Jonathon Foreman directly at jforeman@ceramics.org.