Increase your manufacturing marketing knowledge at the 6th Ceramic Business and Leadership Summit | The American Ceramic Society

Increase your manufacturing marketing knowledge at the 6th Ceramic Business and Leadership Summit

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Marketing for Manufacturers Forum provides opportunities to learn from industry experts

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to reach decision makers in the manufacturing industry? Do you believe your marketing efforts to this audience bring very little ROI? How can you tell if your efforts to market to buyers in manufacturing are working?

Getting in front of your ideal buyers is a lot harder than it used to be.

In a recent post on NIST’s Manufacturing Innovation Blog, author Elena Garuc explains how technology has made it easy for prospects to conduct their own research about your products and services. What will they see when they put your products into a search engine?

And prospective clients are not only researching your company, but your competitors as well—so how do you stand out from the competition?

It all comes down to creating a marketing strategy, Garuc says. What is your goal? To create awareness? Generate new leads? Educate your audience? Increase sales? Marketing to manufacturers should always start with a goal that is aligned with your overall business goals.

The American Ceramic Society has created a one-day forum on April 24, 2017, specifically to hone your marketing strategy and grow your business. 

Marketing for Manufacturers Forum at the 6th Ceramic Business and Leadership Summit helps you build actionable strategies for reaching technical audiences. The event is sponsored by The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) Manufacturing DivisionMo-Sci Corporation, and the Association of American Ceramic Component Manufacturers.

In this forum you will learn:

  • How to study marketing trends and techniques in your industry, and how to use business intelligence and market research to identify new opportunities;
  • How directors at Corning study trends in the market to stay ahead of the competition;
  • How to create a usable marketing plan customized for your specific industry; and
  • How two experts have successfully implemented marketing strategies in their organizations.

Meet industry experts who will share their knowledge and best practices in the following sessions:

Business intelligence – How to dissect a market opportunity

Gordon Nameni, senior editor, BCC Research

Nameni’s expertise lies in advanced materials-based technologies, including plastics, semiconductors, energy, and the environment. He will share his knowledge on using market research and business intelligence reports to help you grow your business. Stop by the ACerS booth (#308) on Tuesday, April 25 at Ceramics Expo, where you can personally chat with Nameni and get your questions answered.


Growth in the Glass Age – Managing product introductions

Kevin T. Gahagan, senior manager, technology strategy, Corning Incorporated

In his role at Corning, Gahagan and his team identify emerging market trends in glass materials and manufacturing for future product innovations. He will explain the process they use to study the market to stay ahead of competition.


Celine Guermeur, director, exploratory markets and technologies, Corning Incorporated

Guermeur and her team identify new business opportunities for future revenue. She will discuss her role in helping to develop the Corning Emerging Innovation Group pipeline of sales opportunities.


Smart marketing for engineers; and Develop your marketing action plan

Rebecca Geier, CEO/co-founder, TREW Marketing

Geier’s agency, TREW Marketing, consults with engineering, scientific, and technology companies to help them formulate marketing strategies to reach target audiences. She will help you create a customized marketing plan in this interactive session—a useful takeaway you can use immediately. Geier is the author of Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences. She will sign copies of her book at the ACerS booth (#308) on Tuesday, April 25 at Ceramics Expo.


You’ll also hear case studies from two successful industry experts—Johannes Homa from Lithoz, and Alexander Frenzl from NETZSCH-Geratebau Gmbh—who have implemented successful marketing strategies in their respective manufacturing companies.

The day concludes with a dinner featuring speaker Colleen Snyder, associate conservator of objects from The Cleveland Museum of Art, who will discuss Bernard Palissy and recent findings on ceramic glazes.

This may be your only chance to directly learn how to use marketing strategies to grow your business. Registration deadline is March 24—but you can save big bucks by registering ahead of the deadline!

Check out the entire program and complete descriptions here. For more information, visit the event page.