The Art, Archaeology & Conservation Science Division works cooperatively with leaders in the field  to attract and train the future workforce in this area. If you would like to contact any of the AACS Division officers, visit the ACerS online Membership Directory for contact information. You must be a member to access the directory. Or, you may contact Karen McCurdy who will assist you.

Division Leadership

Contact our 2023–2024 AACS Officers

Chair: Christina Bisulca | Detroit Institute of Arts
Vice-chair: Fumie Iizuka | University of Missouri
Secretary: Tami Clare | Portland State University
Treasurer: Xiao Ma | Shanghai University
Trustee: Darryl Butt | University of Utah
Chair of Nominations Committee (Past Chair): Jamie Weaver | National Institute of Standards and Technology and Museum Conservation Institute, Smithsonian Institution
ACerS Board of Directors Division Liaison: Dileep Singh | Argonne National Laboratory
President’s Council of Student Advisors Delegates: Raine Antonio | Washington State University
Past Division Leadership