Since 2014, the AACS Division has hosted a symposium at the Material Science & Technology Conference during even numbered years. This symposium has focused on the application of material science to cultural heritage. Specifically this symposium highlights innovative methodologies, reverse engineering historic technologies, and leveraging research for education and outreach. While studies on ceramics are central, presentations address many different materials, including metals, organics, pigments and glass. MS&T symposia venues, in addition to other AACS-sponsored symposia, and some presentations at each event are listed below.

2014 Pittsburgh, PA
2014 Program

2016 Salt Lake City, UT
2016 Program

2018 Columbus, OH
2018 Program
2018 Session sheets

2019 PACRIM, Okinawa, JP

2020 virtual presentations due to COVID
2020 Program

2022 PanAm, Panama City, Panama